Welcome to Funtasia

In spectacular Fairmont Hot Springs BC.

Where nature, animals and people come together in harmony and joy.

Cast of Characters

Some of the personalities you'll encounter on your adventures at Funtasia

Most of our animals are miniatures, appreciated by children and animal lovers alike. Some of our animals have been rescued – we endeavour to give them a better home.

Experience Time


Our mission is to give you the opportunity to create magical moments of joy and connectedness with each other and nature through play, laughter, excitement and relaxation.

Edna Eigner

Calgary, AB

Such a beautiful adorable place! My 2 year old absolutely loved the animals and that she was able to feed them. Thank you. Coming again.

The Marshalls

Calgary, AB

Fantastic Honeymoon stop, will be back. Bumper cars are great! Thanks :)

The Webbs

Jersey, UK

Fantastic idea. Love the natural concept.

Joan Saskell


Delightful place. So neat! Love the old fashioned stuff and the beautiful flowers. Peaceful spots. So sit and enjoy all you've done here. So unique!

Anne & Reola Hokea

Calgary, AB

Beautiful development. Mini golf is great. All the animals are interesting. Labyrinth very appealing.