Fun for everyone in Fairmont Hot Springs!

Connect with your family, laugh and play. Engage the senses! Enjoy the magestic presence of the old Douglas fir forest as you and your family put through the green maze of 18 holes of mini golf. Cuddle the cute, soft, fluffy bunnies or visit and talk to an old nanny goat whose eyes will speak to your heart and touch your soul. Let the vibrant colours and fragrances of the gardens evoke the sense of peace and joy. Connect with nature. Get lost in a moment of thrill and laughter while you partake in a joyride on the bumper cars.

Funtasia Fun Park - mini golf
Funtasia Fun Park Fairmont - Spin & Bump Cars
Funtasia Fun - miniature animals
Funtasia Fun Park - labyrinth


Play Mini Golf on a course that was carefully sculpted into a live forest.


People of all ages love riding the Spin ‘n’ Bump Cars! While these cars require drivers to be 48″ tall, our 2 seater passenger ships allow smaller kids to be included in the family fun.


Enjoy a relaxing time strolling around colourful flower gardens, lush grass, surrounded by the sweetest little animals and birds in our Animal Petting Park and Gardens.


Wednesday to Sunday
11 am to 6 pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Happy people enjoy Fairmont Funtasia

  • Golf was amazing, animals were awesome. Labyrinth put us at peace. Thank you!

    Duane, Rosalie, Alicia, Sienna, Sidney 15 April 2017 | Calgary, AB
  • We really enjoyed your place. Zosia loved all the animals, great atmosphere. Thank you!

    Kasia, Wojtek, Zosia 15 April 2017 | Calgary/Poland
  • Thank you for being here. You fill a gap in what is needed in this area.

    David Frederiksen, Ronda, Bella 19 July 2017 - Edmonton, AB
  • Absolutely beautiful gardens! So fun for the kids - we really enjoyed our time! Thank you!

    Haight, Erin, Celia 30 July 2017 - Saskatoon, SK
  • Best time as usual! I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and love it more and more every time!

    Kasane Edmunds 6 August 2017 - Calgary, AB
  • A refreshing look at how businesses should be run - responsibly, sustainably and beautifully

    Morgan, Lillian, Scott, Ginger, Oliver 18 August 2017 - Calgary, AB
  • Amazing, kind people. Will definitely be back.

    Lee St. Louis 17 August 2017 - PIckardville, AB
  • Magical, peaceful, lovely animals, flowers, air. Thank you for the good time.

    Max & Marie 4 June 2017 - Quebec
  • What a beautiful little oasis you’ve created here! I even saw a hummingbird in your beautiful flowerbeds. Continued best wishes with your ongoing creation of a fun and beautiful space for kids of all ages.

    Annette 14 July 2015 - Calgary, AB

We are open from Wednesday April 11, 2018 for the season.

Spring is a wonderful time to reconnect with nature, play a game of mini golf with your family. Enjoy the fresh air and have some fun.  Make sure you plan a visit to Funtasia while coming to explore the Columbia Valley and Fairmont Hot Springs! Our staff will be happy to assist you in the activities that are available for the whole family at this time of the year. Thank you to all of you who make the magic happen at Funtasia.

Celebrating over 23 years!

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Fairmont Funtasia : Where nature, animals and people come together in harmony and joy.

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