The green space and colourful displays will enliven your senses and refresh your being. We invite you to rediscover your inner child and nurture your essence. Stroll on lush grass and clover, smell the flowers, touch nature, recline in swing seats and lounge chairs. Relax.

Feeding and touching the variety of little animals – horses, goats, donkeys, alpacas, bunnies, emu, colourful birds is magical.

The play areas feature sand and toys and provide open space for creativity and fun.

On a hot sunny day take a refreshing cold spring foot shower, then step into the Wish Pond and treat yourself to some hydrotherapy. So good for you! So refreshing!

Time stops as you walk through the Labyrinth – the ancient tool of self-discovery and reflection that can evoke new states of aweareness, clarity, wisdom and understanding.

Best times to visit the park area are in the morning and afternoon, before supper.

Make sure to bring your camera to capture the special moments of this unique experience!