Fairmont Hot Springs - mini golf

There’s nothing like an open air, light breeze, sunshine, the shade of the old fir forest and exhilaration of the hole-in-one or just missing it…

This unique 18 hole mini golf course was designed by a world calibre billiards player. Consequently it challenges the good golfers that come to the valley to play some of the most spectacular golf courses (there are about 15 of them) but doesn’t overwhelm the novice. The result is a balanced, natural, captivating and truly satisfying course.

The greens flow around rocks and big tree trunks with their enchanting roots and offer a superb game.

“It’s the best mini golf course I’ve ever played anywhere!”

We hear this all the time (and love it!)

And for the added bonus, did we mention the chorus of cheerleaders lined along the west side of the course? The cute miniature animals eagerly watching your game.

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